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32% of Gen Z do not create traditional CVs or exist on traditional job boards. 

Swivel has over 100,000 GenZ Video Profiles.

Meet People. Not CVs.

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Access a GenZ Talent Pool.

GenZ, the TikTok generation, are using traditional job boards and CVs less and less. 

They are video-native. That's why Swivel is video-first and creates a more engaging hiring experience for the GenZ workforce & the companies that hire them.

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Save Up to 150 hours per Hire.

Meet already shortlisted candidate video profiles as a first-step in your hiring process and completely eliminate lengthy, repetitive filtering, screening processes.

Your hiring team will THANK you for it. 

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Increase your applicant rate by up to 400%.

Great brands should be able to tell a great story. 

Swivel let's candidates view jobs in short-form video like TikTok or Instagram. This greatly increases the number of passive job-seekers and lets you showcase your culture. 

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60 seconds.

How long it takes you to find and invite the right person to an interview.

Swivel highlights the best candidates as a "Top-Pick". Completely eliminating your lengthy shortlisting & filtering hiring process. 

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